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Dental Technology

Laser Dentistry

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Dental Lasers are fantastic tools and are the alternative to drills for performing fillings, gum therapy, and cosmetic adjustment of gums and teeth, to killing infection around teeth and dental implants.

T-Scan for Bite Accuracy

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The T-Scan for Bite Accuracy is a dentistry’s only clinically recognised and research validated digital occlusion analysis system. It provides a more confident proactive approach to patient care and treatment.It Can easily diagnose disruptive and interfering biting contacts between top and bottom teeth.


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The RGV/OPG machine is the latest in digital imaging in dentistry. The system allows high image resolution with confident diagnoses and ultimately to the quality of patient care. Also dental and occlusal x-rays are done in the centre. OPG and Cephalograms are digital and always give clear and sharp visualization of structures.

Digital Smile Design

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Digital Smile Design allows YOU to choose your smile and see the proposed solution and results before any work commences.With cosmetic and restorative dentistry reaching a breathtaking momentum, Denasia Dental are delighted to be able to offer DSD (Digital Smile Design).

Computerized Dental Radiography

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Computed Dental Radiography (CDR) is a technology for capturing a computerized image or radiograph of your teeth and gums that requires 90% less radiation than conventional x-ray film. CDR images are captured by sensors placed in the mouth that relay data to an attached computer, where the images are stored for viewing.

Advance Surgical Unit

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We provide the highest quality surgical care available in the Bhopal and other surrounded cities and small districts.Our highly-skilled surgeons specialize in a number of different surgical procedures and solutions.